Furna School has continued to grow through the years.
Furna School is the Brava Community's most important school including all grades from Elementary to the University.


It all started when Bernardino Ramos came to Cabo Verde and Brava island on February 2007.

Bernardino Ramos (Didino) was invited to the school by a group of local volunteers. He readily accepted and as a result, he became the first Sponsor of Educative Center Number II of Furna School. (School of Furna).

After returning to the United States of America, where he has resided for several years, he has remained in contact with Educative Agents of the School and started a campaign of awareness and is recruiting new sponsors. People are clearly interested in helping the construction and materialization of the School of Furna’s Sponsor Project.

The School is very important to, the children because apart from learning to read and write, they often find things that it are not found when they are at home.

The children of Furna School like it there. Throughout the year there are no dropouts. Currently, Furna School is the Brava community's most important School, from Elementary School grades to the University.

We are friends, volunteers, youth and parents, in charge of education, organization, and everything related to the friends of the Furna School.

We became volunteers because we like and love the School, we like the children, and we love to help.
The way that the Furna School organization works motivates people to be sensitive to education and the children, giving them the pride of belonging and to collaborate with the best school in Brava.

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